Improving asset management with better information strategies

What is Asset Information?

Effective management of major assets such as infrastructure and buildings is essential for safety, reliability, sustainability and affordability of these assets. Asset Information is all the information needed to manage assets effectively and deliver value. The availability of accurate and comprehensive Asset Information is essential for effective asset management that improves outcomes for society.

Asset Information is a subtopic of Asset Management and is defined in asset management standards such as:

This short video presents some examples of Asset Information and outlines why it plays an increasingly important role in society.

Who are we?

ISAM Consulting (Information Strategies for Asset Management) focuses on developing asset information as a strategic advantage for organisations managing physical assets. Information is critical to asset management that delivers maximum value to asset users at the lowest possible cost. ISAM Consulting is focussed on helping organisations get the most from their information as well as contributing open source tools and knowledge that further the growth of this critical enabler for the asset management discipline.

ISAM Consulting operates from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand and serves customers both in New Zealand and internationally. Delivery of services is through a combination of onsite and offsite engagement, depending on client needs.

Jules Congalton is the Principal Consultant at ISAM Consulting and is an experienced information specialist with a demonstrated history of leading asset information improvements in the utilities industry. He is skilled at business change, in particular implementing data quality frameworks and quality assurance of information management systems.

With a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information Systems as well as being a Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA), Jules has published articles and presented at conferences on various asset information topics. While completing his PhD, Jules was a lecturer at Massey University’s School of Management for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Over the last three years, Jules’s focus has been on leading the development and implementation of Asset Management Digital and Information Strategies. In addition he has worked to ensure sound asset management practice is followed to ensure ongoing ISO 55001 certification. He has also chaired a Diversity and Inclusion committee, leading the development and implementation of a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy that provides positive outcomes for both the organisation and the community.

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